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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My anti knife crime poster

Version 2. Version 1 had the word ‘use’. Carry sounds better.

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Anonymous said...

OK, since you are a tech I will forgive you the mutters. I speak as one who has tried, unsuccessfully, for the last 10 days to succour my poor battered laptop.

It had been trouble from the word go, needed a new CPU and motherboard 9 months after I had acquired it, and now it's just out of warranty, it needs a part costing £225 plus labour which sadly would take 6 weeks to accomplish.

Even if I had that dosh I would still have to buy a new laptop now for the holiday, because my daughter will be revising on her medical school finals using my laptop.

I may be stupid when it comes to buying computer stuff but I'm not suicidal; I am now the proud owner of a Compaq from Waitrose and with any luck I will have managed to put the things on the new laptop which I had put on the old laptop for our jaunt by the time we start at Capetown and work our way up the African coast. Like all my music...

And my apologies for the whinge, Magnetite, but I figure that you would spare a twinge of sympathy for those of us less gifted.

I must to bed; I'll say goodnight to you in the hope this will, by some extraordinary chance, this makes it past the spam machine