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Friday, September 25, 2009

He’s got Cherry…(sorry Kim Carnes)

I had to lie down to do this. It took fourteen goes, and and a box of Mr. K’s finest (most of which were lost to the floor) – and I think one of my contact lenses is now round the back of my eye…

But it was worth it to lift me out of this foul Friday mood.

I give you my interpretation of the last line of Kim Carnes’ chorus most popular…

Thanks_Kim & Kipling

My next target today is the late Captain Birdseye. This time I won’t be so reverential.


Gloria said...

This is daft. And funny. And takes a certain zany dedication to achieve. One day I might try the same thing with Jammie Dodgers.

magnetite said...

oops. Turned comment moderation on by accident, hence delay in replying - but thanks. It was worth the irreprable marzipan-damage to my eyesight after all.