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Monday, November 24, 2008

Drying spoons, mint cake and rumours of my death being greatly exaggerated. Twice

This wasn't good enough, even by my low standards.


Pat L. Here said...

The beard was very House-ish. Grow it back, borrow a cane, call me.

Pablo Von Stoat said...

So you normally have more than one mobile phone with you? Is this a small clue as to your secret double life as an agent for MI7?

Also, may I enquire as to the complexity of the language of ferrets as I have been considering taking up a foreign language. Ferret Speak appeals to me as a university course from which to launch my career in politics.

Glad your back in the padded saddle, mag. Just a shame that I'm having technical issues at the moment...um, actually I mean my computer is having technical issues not myself. I will, however, try and pop by whenever I can, mate.