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Monday, November 17, 2008

Just so you know - I did a Weatherwax...well...sort of...



Explanations and apologies forthcoming within one of your earth days. Here's a hint. It's something do do with uselessness...


Ragin said...

I don't know who or what a "Weatherwax" is, but I am most relieved to learn you're still among the living! I'm sure you wouldn't have disappeared if all was entirely well, but I hope your reappearance is evidence that things are improving. Regards!

Pablo Von Stoat said...

It means he's been out borrowin' (It's a Terry Pratchett thing, Ragin).

Glad to hear you're still with us, Mag. Looking forward to the letter from your parents explaining your prolonged absence, you've got lots to catch up on now.