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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Farming With Dynamite - found stuff, not a band

Hello. This is a picture of the first page of Du Pont Chemicals 1910 pamphlet 'Farming with dynamite'. I saw it at Fourmilab a while back and greedily, selfishly chuckled to myself - hugging the concept to my chest like some Gollum of the Internet. Now I want you to see the whole thing as well as the rest of John Walker, founder of Autodesk, Inc. and co-author of AutoCAD's unassuming but superb site. I use Home Planet to find stars and satellites and suchlike. Also to watch the tiny moon move over the manse. I had all the windows bricked up you see, in readiness for a new Window Tax. Fourmilab has articles on hacker diets, books, anagrams. And software coming out the wazoo. Whatever one of those is.

Farming with dynamite cover

Fourmilab has nothing whatsoever to do with Fermilab. Don't go looking for high energy physics there.

This is the kind of thing that Pointing North's sister site (already set up so you can't pinch it, you fiends) will be featuring. I know that after my outraged rants on web-trawlers just linking to stuff they found makes my doing it now quite cheeky to say the least. It makes me the cunt that I am to say the most. This will also make me some kind of bitch - or beatch - or biotch - or beer hatch - or something. The site is called The Supermodel Overlord Hierarchy, and will contain stuff about free stuff that is clogging up my hard drive and my bookmarks and my mind. It is unlikely to be funny - but it may be useful/helpful/illuminating. I signed an NDA with the real SOH, but I'm always one to push my fucking luck whenever I can.

Nothing to see here. Move along. Move along.

There's no point me adding the traditional and necessary link to Humor-blogs.com here, but I am a creature of habit. This will no doubt help the authorities find me if I ever get off my arse and start serial-killing]


Reb Zkihs said...

Oh, don't dismiss supermodels out of hand. Did you see the Spitting Image "Supermodels" before it was yanked from You Tube? Priceless.

magnetite said...

I only have vague memories of Spitting Image, and it's sad to hear that tons of clips have been removed from YouTube. Half the time when I see a clip from past TV on there it's usually a spur to go out and buy the actual product, so I consider these removals self defeating.

Fuq Linde said...

Oh, it was genius. Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, and Cindy Crawford were represented by doll heads stuck atop pencils. Too funny.

Pablo Von Stoat said...

I'm still here by the way, although my teeth have turned a lovely shade of blue, I probably shouldn't have had the second cup of Lapsang Souchong and instant gasket, but it does grow on you.

I'm still chuckling over farming with dynamite, my imagination even scares me sometimes (I'm visualising cattle farming with dynamite at the moment).

K. Bog, Maid said...

Well, I figure the farming application was to clear fields of rocks and stubborn tree stumps, but we do occasionally FISH with it here; well, that or a car battery.

magnetite said...

pablo: Phew! I had the black armband ready and everything. I'm glad I don't have to administer zombie juice to you either. That's come back to bite me on the arse before. (my beloved zombie dog, Brainbiter, is one example. He knows where MY brains are)

I thought about dairy farming when I read it. "Scares the milk out of 'em. Makes it taste sweeter. mmmm...Fear Milk."

k. bog, maid: (one reason why I don't turn off word verification for comments is your anagrams. I don't moderate for different reasons - because I'm simply a lazy bastard).

That's how I'd fish if I could...and hunt...and shop.

(I'll be featuring a free program called Lexpert on SOH soon which is one of the lazy-arsed ways I create anagrams. Other wordplay software too - all free. That's one of the things I love about the internet. If you can think of something someone, somewhere has already done it, and is happily giving it away to all.)

Wad R. Lu, Wy. said...

"...someone, somewhere has already done it, and is happily giving it away to all"

Which is almost exactly like college was in the seventies! Ah, you young people--what you've missed!

magnetite said...

They missed Google apparently. Google has just blocked the SOH as a possible spam blog. The buggers. I'll just have to revise and expand upon my love of Fourmilab here until a Google Human® can respond after looking it over.

[update while I type. Just got a nice e-mail from Blogger telling me that their spam-detection software is fuzzy. The fact that the email requesting me to request a review request came in AFTER I had requested a review request made me laugh like a drain. Still they're doing good work]

Must. Brown-nose. Google.